We are proud to help you save money on a monitoring solution tailored for your business.

Our solution entails providing a Linux virtual machine (appliance) running Xymon monitoring software and configuring it for your systems and environment.

  • Downtime = loss of $$$
  • Without a monitoring solution your business runs the risk of downtime when a server or network device crashes.
  • Xymon monitoring software will provide proactive monitoring to alert you if devices fail or are reaching thresholds that are dangerous and need to be addressed to prevent a failure.
  • Our Custom Work-flow Tools will give you quick paths for escalation and problem resolution.
  • Our Custom monitoring tests can reach into log files and other areas of your applications that are "outside the box".

This includes our standard pre-built custom monitoring tests like our Windows 2008 Cluster test (Cluster resource status check), SDDDSM Pathcheck (IBM SAN path query), File Archive and cleanup tools, Windows - Installed Patches check tool, Network Scan Inventory Tool (using NMap), etc.

How does this save you money?

  • Our Linux based OS and Linux based Xymon monitoring is an Enterprise class server monitoring solution that does not cost thousands and thousands of dollars like its competitors (it's free).
  • The only cost to you is our expertise in setting it up and providing instruction for your technicians to maintain it (or we can maintain it for you).
  • Our Custom Work-flow Tools are competitively priced to provide excellent ROI
    • With our end-to-end work-flow solution, our client saves hundreds of man hours which equates to thousand of dollars in FTE every month.
    • With our TechLine Ticker Tool, our client collaborates with all departments to remediate issues quickly and builds a knowledgebase out of real events to remediate future problems faster than otherwise possible, which reduces downtime and saves thousands of dollars in lost revenue.
  • Using your existing virtual environment, we can stand up the servers at practically no hardware or licensing costs.
  • Our Custom Monitoring Tests provide a look into your environment specific to your needs to provide proactive monitoring and prevent outages.

Please take a look at our Services offerings to see what we can do for you.