About Us:

What do our customers think of us?


Excellent!!! Desen has a deep passion for creating custom monitoring solutions as well as designing monitoring solutions from just your vision. I've had the privilege to work with Dan on several projects over the last six (6) years and on each he has produced exceptional products with short turn-around times. The dashboards created by Dan helped my healthcare team switch from being reactive to a more proactive stance, which reduced major incidents by over 60% (Yes he can even measure improvement). There is no dollar amount I could put on the importance his event management tools have had on ensuring patient care was never compromised! If you're looking to improve your IT team, business or organization's response time 'before' critical issues happen, do not hesitate to use Desen as a trusted resource. Listens to your challenges and consistently churns out incredible time, productivity and money saving tools!

Cedric Lang - Manager, Technical Services

What is it, exactly, that we do?

We will set up a monitoring server for you, on your servers or in the cloud, and configure it for you.

We don't want to sell you a server or monitoring application, we want to set up an Open-source (free) monitoring solution and help you configure it and add value for maximum benefit in your environment.

Or, we can use your existing monitoring solution(s) and set up a Dashboard Front-End to tie everything into a single pane of glass, and create Work-Flows to integrate with your process tools to streamline processes!

What we really love doing is creating the tools and building the "face" of your Dashboard, so that you can work most efficiently with the system and integrate the applications you're already used to using into the Dashboard. We'll set up your monitoring server and front-end it with a customized Dashboard just for your environment and your existing tools.

Our specialty is creating custom monitoring tests with Windows and Console applications that will look into your systems and determine the health of any process you have and report that health to the monitoring server to act upon.

Of course, we offer custom Application Development and custom Web Application Development for any need you may have.

We offer remote server administration as well, but do not do 24/7 monitoring. We will set up alerting for you so your technicians can receive email alerts and our Dashboard can be displayed on a big screen in your NOC, or can scale to a widescreen pc for monitoring and utilizing the tools we will build into it from a desktop, all the way down to your mobile device screens.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Enterprise class server monitoring solutions
  • Custom monitoring tests and alerting
  • Custom workflow tools
  • SQL databases development
  • Active Directory API
  • Windows and Linux development
  • Sharepoint development
  • Windows Services development
  • Using Application Web services - Get more out of the applications you use every day!
    • SCOM (Systems Center Operations Manager)(Microsoft MOM)
    • VMWare and Veeam
          (I can use Powershell instead of the Veeam API
          which could save thousands in Licensing costs)
    • CA Service Desk API
    • Cisco appliance API
    • PowerShell and Command Line parsing of
      application command line interfaces
    • Exchange API
  • Custom Web applications development
  • Windows applications development
  • Custom Web Services

Please take a look at our Services offerings to see what we can do for you.