Custom Monitoring Solutions

  • COMBINE your monitoring tools into
    a single pane of glass!

  • Prevent downtime proactively

  • Consolidated Monitoring Solutions

  • Enriched Work-flow Solutions

  • Save thousands in lost revenue!

Money-saving Monitoring solution

Money-saving solutions

  • Save money - (free) Linux OS

  • Linux based Xymon monitoring

  • Desen Custom monitoring tests

  • Save money - prevent system outages

  • Pro-actively resolve issues

Custom Dashboard

Custom Monitoring Dashboards

We design and build enterprise solutions for small to large businesses without the enterprise cost you would normally pay. Our primary focus is developing custom tools for Server and Datacenter Monitoring, and Server Adminstration Workflow.

Give your support technicians the tools they need to proactively monitor your network!

Windows apps

Custom Monitoring Applications

We create custom monitoring tests and tools to tweak them. This is a Windows Server 2008 Cluster Monitoring test and a Windows application to select cluster resources for exclusion.

Prevent downtime by monitoring outside-the-box with custom monitoring tests. We have developed many such custom applications for our clients!


Custom Work-flow solutions

We specialize in Custom End-to-End Work-flow solutions.

Standardizing your data, processes and procedures creates the ability to have accurate reporting and build a knowledgebase.