Web Application Study:

Project Overview

This Web Application was designed for online reading ease-of-use as requested by our client.

It is fully scaleable to a tablet or phone. Our client has such a large menu that using a normal drop-down menu on a phone was too large and not very easily navigated, so we created a mobile menu that matched the full-screen desktop menu where clicking the links leads to a sub-menu page where readers can select the chapter they wish to read.

The solution provides easy menu navigation and buttons on each page to navigate to the next:

The search tool allows for easy information gathering on specific subjects.

The embedded video's make it easy for viewers to watch the clients video without having to leave the web site.

The downloadable book was made easily accessible for free as our client desired.

Navigation menu's switch to clickable items that lead to a menu page when Java is disabled on a readers web browser, so we can provide a smooth drop-down menu without crippling those with browsers that can't execute the JQuery.

The contact page makes it easy for readers to sign up for the eNewsLetter published by our client.

The eNewsLetter is published by the client on a private page which requires a password so it can be done easily right from the web site itself.

An archive of the eNewsLetters is made available on a separate page with an embedded iFrame and dynamic drop-down that picks up eNewsLetters the moment they're created.

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