Some of our other projects:

Short summaries of some other successful projects we've developed for our clients

apDocEXcheck - hack attempt notification

This is a Windows Service that runs on a file server. It checks several folders for changed files and emails the Accounts Payable group when changes are found. It writes files to a local directory with a list of the files and attributes for comparison. This was set up on request from our client to notify them of potential hacking attempts for unathorized payouts.

pathCheck - custom Windows SAN Path monitoring test

This is a custom executable that is configured as an external for Xymon on all SAN connected servers that are running sdddsm. It checks for at least two active HBA’s and 8 paths. It will alert yellow or red depending on the type of error.

exchDBwhitespace - custom Xymon Monitoring test checks for Database Whitespace for true "free space" on the DB disk

This is a custom executable that is configured as an external for Xymon on the exchange database servers. It uses a powershell script to pull information from exchange and combines disk free space with database whitespace to get a true “free space” column for monitoring. It also displays the sdddsm serial number for each disk. It also connects to the exchange db table on the main web front-end server sql server and writes the disk information including the sdddsm serial number for each disk for the sqlFileCheck service to use.

cypressDBtest - custom Monitoring test that reads the output of a proprietary application

This is a custom executable that is configured as an external for Xymon on a two-node Windows cluster. It runs an application executable to check dbstat for a “dirty” status and will turn red if any other status is found. It detects and switches on automatically on the active cluster node, and turns the test on the inactive node blue (maintenance mode).

dailyReportSvc - custom Windows Service to gather data and send a daily report via email

This is a service that runs on the main web front-end server we provided for our client to house the Dashboard web pages, custom services, and the Database we use to store the information for the web forms and searchable knowledgebases. It pulls Daily Report data at 7am daily and formats it as an attachment and emails it to the Systems Support PG group.

dcEquip - custom Datacenter equipment request Web Application

This is a web site running on the main web front-end server that is designed to make it easy to request space for Datacenter equipment installation. This form auto-loads different fields based on selections made for diverse types of equipment. The form will only display the relevant fields and will branch to fields specific to the type of equipment selected and location desired. This keeps the page simple and easy to fill out when the choices available are too numerous and confusing to display on a single web page. It emails the Datacenter management team when a submission is made.

eScriptionFileCheck - custom Monitoring test to check files and directory data

This is a custom executable that is configured as an external for Xymon on an application server. Every 5 minutes it checks local folders on the machine for a maximum of 150 fax documents and/or 100 print documents, flagging an alert if the files exceed this limit.

exchPulse - custom Monitoring test checks the "pulse" of the Rightfax Exchange gateway service

Our client had problems with the Rightfax Exchange gateway service. The service did not fail and appeared in Windows to be working, but the functionality would cease. To resolve this, we created a custom executable that is configured as an external for Xymon on the exchange application servers. It checks for modification of the exchange pulse text file which indicates a problem with the exchange rightfax gateway if it has not been modified. It will send an alert if there has been no modification of the file within an hour.

fileCopy - custom Executable utility for copying and/or modifying files on multiple computers

This is a custom executable that will read a text file list of servers and copy files to a directory or modify text files (like the Xymon bbwin.cfg) on each of those devices. It allows the user to replace a file completely, or to read the file and replace text in the file on one or more lines, to update and/or add information, or modify configuration.

fileDirZip - custom Executable utility for cleaning up directories and files

This is a custom executable that can be scheduled in a batch file to zip and/or delete files and directories based on type, extension, name and age. It is used by our clients for keeping log files trimmed and compressing (archiving) directories or files to save disk space.

gecpnLogScan - custom Application Log File parser

This is a custom executable that is configured as an external for Xymon on two application servers. It scans application log files and parses them for lines in the log file that indicate missed samples (prenatal data) of longer than 90 seconds and will alert on Xymon if found.

networkPortMonitor - custom Ironport appliance API performace monitor

This solution pulls data from the Ironport API on our clients Ironport appliances for details on the appliance performance and displays it on a monitoring page.

pcServiceDeskCheckOut - custom Bar Code scanner utility

This is a Windows application used by our clients field support team to bar-code scan pc’s and add them to a list (or they can manually enter asset tags) and then marks them as “checked out” in the Service Desk CMDB and clears the location.

perfmonTest - custom Windows Performance Monitor utility

This is a custom executable that is configured as an external for Xymon. It does not create any alerts but sends data to Xymon for graphing specific Perfmon data.

sanDiskSerNum - custom Executable to gather Windows Mount-point data, cluster information (if any), and sdddsm serial numbers

This is a custom executable that gathers data on disks and mount points on all windows servers defined in SCOM, along with sdddsm serial numbers and cluster information, for use in SCOM reporting. It is a scom remote custom executable and runs once a day at midnight. It lives on the c:\scripts share on the scom db server and a rule in scom causes the execution via the scom agent on the target machines. It writes to a custom oh_scom database we created on the scom db server.

sDeskMonitor - custom Reformatting (and adding additional information) of a proprietary application web display

This is a web site running on main web front-end server we set up for our client that reformats the telephony web front end for Service Desk and adds data to the page with recent Major Incident activity using Javascript to scroll the data.

thereCanBeOnlyOne - custom Executable that parses current RDP connections and logs out any duplicate sessions

This is a custom executable that runs on our clients print server which ensures only one instance of the printer application is running by checking rdp sessions and logging off an existing rpd session if another one using the same name logs in. It is executed in a batch file from the startup folder in windows.

xaSuspendedClients - custom Monitoring executable that executes a SQL Stored Procedure and reports to Xymon

This is a custom executable that is configured as an external for Xymon on our clients Reports Distribution server. It checks for suspended clients in Sunrise XA by executing a stored procedure and alerts if any suspended clients are found.

inventoryReport - custom Inventory Data collector

This is a web page running on our clients Reports web site on the main web front-end server we set up for them. This page will read from seven different data sources (CMDB, server monitoring pages, VMWare, and others) for configured servers and report configuration for monitoring and support. This web form will export to Excel and creates a report of all devices detected.
This is not an all-inclusive list of everything we've done, but hopefully gives you an idea of the types of work we have done in the past to build confidence in our ability to develop a solution for any needs you may have, complicated or simple. We can provide the tools you need to achieve your goals.