Techline Ticker Tool Study:

Project Overview

Our client needed a single point for collaboration to allow multiple users on disparate teams to communicate during a major incident. Two desired results were paramount. First, they needed to be able to share notes, messages, and screenshots in real-time to produce the best scenario for resolving issues as quickly as possible. The second was a need for knowledgebase where quick searches could be performed to find similar issues and their resolutions which can help greatly enhance the troubleshooting process.

We designed this solution with those needs in mind. By sharing notes and data in a web page interface users can quickly communicate error messages, screenshots, and resolutions to a large group of people. Our client uses this for logging resolutions and communication during a major incident.

The data collected is stored in a SQL database for problem knowledge and reporting. We designed a second web form for searching this data easily and quickly to help the troubleshooting process.

This solution also has a view-only window for those who don't want, or should not, contribute to the converstaion, but wish to follow the progress. This is used by our client for management viewing of the Major Incident as resolution progresses.

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